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"We could see the lights on but no vehicle there." Sophisticated operation Last month Mr Kang doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel was contacted by police who told him that the house had more helpful hints Registrar home loan been raided. Mr Kang discovered the ceiling had been torn out, all the windows were covered, the locks had been changed and the electricity supply had been disconnected and rewired. "They are so smart that they put a light next to the window on a timer, so from outside it looked like there was still someone in the property," he said. "It's so shocking to us. "What made me feel more shocked was that later on we found out that our friends had exactly the same trouble with a property in Canning Vale." Warning signs that a tenant is running a drug operation Mr Hillyard said there were a number of common factors in the 21 Perth cases. "They don't rent through real estate agents, and what they have done is made specific offers to pay rent for long periods of time in advance," he said. "Police are telling us that they are south-east Asian crime gangs." ABC News More than $6 million worth of cannabis has been seized from 21 properties. In Mr Kang's case the tenants had a Vietnamese background, as does Mr Kang. "They are presenting people with a similar background and that disarms the landlord," Mr Hillyard said. In a difficult Perth rental market, with high vacancy rates and tough competition for tenants, the drug lab operators are making attractive offers to landlords.

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